Change your outlook…

You ask yourself questions
About the things that really matter,
About the essentials.

Slow down and think.
Please yourself at the same time.

Change your meetings, seminars,
conferences,  with your teams, clients,
prospects into a nice and convivial moment, full of emotion.

Have a meaningful professional break!

An absolutely rare and unique opportunity to regain control of your time and to rethink,
reposition, redefine your business and its values.

Thanks to its nearly unlimited choice and 100% customized modules, Assensio designs,
organizes, combines and assembles for and with you packs that suit your business…
Everything is done to combine business with delight, relaxation and culture.

Assensio offers atypical or unusual meeting rooms, gourmet restaurants or bistros,
“Relais du silence”, charming guest houses, authentic and cultural tours,
activities full of emotion and sometimes of nostalgia…

Assensio is a network of experts available to advise you and support your projects, too.  

For a 2-hours module or a 3-days stay… With your clients, your team, your partners
and even your spouse, Assensio makes it different!